Product Testing

Testing and Analysis

Whether you are researching and developing, or in need of quality control, we can help check the raw incoming goods or final product.

Product Testing | SureScreen Scientifics for Health

How it works

All you need to know about working with us on product testing.

Product Drink Testing | SureScreen Scientifics for Health

Raw ingredients

Once you have the raw ingredients, we can quantify it's active components for investigative purposes or for quality control.

Final Product Testing | SureScreen Scientifics for Health

Final product

We test for the active ingredient such vitamins (D, C, B), Fatty Acids, Salt %, Sugar %, Alcohol %, pH

Raw ingredients
Final product

"I am delighted with the results and very grateful to SureScreen Scientifics for Health for analysing my So Good Kombucha. As with any product that is marketed as a healthy choice, I am always careful to ensure that any claim I make is backed up with evidence, so it’s wonderful to learn that the acetate levels in particular are so healthy.”

Lesley So

Founder (So Good Kombucha)

Kombucha and Gut Test


What can you test for in my product?

How long does it take to recieve a result?

Can you carry out microbiological testing?

What testing equipment do you have?

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Are you interested in finding out more about your product and how it performs for different people.

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Looking to enhance customer health, showcase product quality, engage customers, or upsell?

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Health Professionals

Partner with us to receive VIP (Very Important Practitioner) access to a range of high-quality health tests that are analysed in our own UK lab.

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