Join the testing revolution!

Empower your customers to make the right health choices.

Join the testing revolution!

Vitamin B12 Test

Our 'First of a Kind' vitamin B12 test identifies low levels which may be impacting how you feel, not just deficiencies.

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Clinical Study

Put the spotlight on your product and show what it's really made of…


Get ahead with a laboratory by your side

We are passionate about health! We have set out to transform the way testing is approached. From our easy-to-use home testing kits that enable businesses and practitioners alike to gain valuable insights into their customer's wellbeing, to running clinical studies or product testing, giving that all-important scientific stamp of approval.


Let us help you pave the way for better consumer decisions and more in-depth personalised health journeys.

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Scientific Excellence

We use the gold standard for accuracy and reliability in every result.

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Personalised Insights

Test, don't guess because one size doesn't fit all.

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Complicated Made Simple

The reports are designed for the end user, saving everyone time.

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Through efficiency and automation, testing doesn't have to cost the world.


The future of testing is changing for the better, and it all starts here…

NeoVos | Advanced Gut Test Large | SureSreen Scientifics for Health

Gut Health

Innovative tests that help get to the root cause with the latest data.

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NeoVos | Vitamin D Test Large | SureScreen Scientifics

Nutritional and Wellbeing Tests

Effective tests that can positively impact quality of life.

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Work With Us

Work With Us

Whether you would like to provide at-home health tests under the trusted NeoVos brand, your own branding, or looking to test your product through a clinical study, we have got you covered.

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