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Knowing your product

Are you interested in finding out more about your product and how it performs for different people. No matter the size or budget of your study, let's design it to work for you.

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Reporting for all outcomes

Whatever you're looking for, speak to our experts to find the right report for you.

Microbiome Reporting | 16s and Shotgun Metagenomics | SureScreen Health

Microbiome Reports

Is your product designed to increase gut performance. Then we have a variety of tests from 16S Sequencing to Shotgun Metagenomic Sequencing available.

Nutrition Reporting | SureScreen Health

Nutrition Reports

Want to see how your product enhances nutritional values. Explore tests for various markers, from vitamin D to omega-3.

Bespoke Reporting | SureScreen Health

Bespoke Reports

Exercise full control over your testing preferences to ensure optimal data alignment with your specific needs and requirements.

How it works

All you need to know about working with us.

In Laboratory Testing | SureScreen Scientifics for Health

Study Design

We can work with you to understand what you want to be included in your study - What's in your product? What biomarkers would you like to measure? Stool, urine, saliva or blood? How many participants would you like to include? How many time points of analysis are required? What is the timescale?

Studying | SureScreen Scientifics for Health

Participant Sign Up

We are happy to help with participant recruitment, study terms and conditions and what to ask in your questionnaire.

Vitamin B12 Testing | SureScreen Scientifics for Health


We can be involved as much as you need us to be from participant communication and shipping kits to providing participant reports and data analysis and summary.

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We think testing should be affordable and accurate for all and that includes trials and studies. Let's talk about your project

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Symprove Bottle | Clinical Studies | SureScreen Scientifics

Working with SureScreen Scientifics has been a rewarding experience. Their level of knowledge is top-notch and helped us design a very strong protocol for some research studies we have conducted together.

Mike Butler

Director (Symprove)


Is there a minimum size needed to do a study?

What tests can we include in the study?

What tests can we include in the study?

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Health Testing

Looking to enhance customer health, showcase product quality, engage customers, or upsell?

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Product Testing

Whether you are researching and developing, or in need of quality control, we can help check the raw incoming goods or final product.

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Health Professionals

Partner with us to receive VIP (Very Important Practitioner) access to a range of high-quality health tests that are analysed in our own UK lab.

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