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NeoVos | Advanced Gut Test Large | SureSreen Scientifics for Health

Gut Health

Innovative tests that help get to the root cause with the latest data.

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NeoVos | Vitamin D Test Large | SureScreen Scientifics

Nutritional and Wellbeing Tests

Effective tests that can positively impact quality of life.

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NeoVos branded kits

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Stool Collection

Finger Prick Blood Collection

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Gut Health
Nutritional and Wellbeing Tests
Healthy woman

The team at SureScreen Scientifics are incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and always very helpful, which makes it a pleasure to work with them and also inspires confidence in their products and processes. Seeing the test results inspires our customers to make positive nutritional and lifestyle changes.

Marta Anhelush

Nutritional Therapist / Head of Clinical Nutrition at BioCare