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Partner with us to receive VIP (Very Important Practitioner) access to a range of high-quality health tests that are analysed in our own UK lab. We cover a variety of health concerns, with even more options coming. We also ensure that each test is performed with the utmost precision and adheres to the highest standards.

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Portal Access

User-friendly online portal where you and your client can view their results

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Discount Code
Next day delivery
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"SureScreen Scientifics for Health has made at-home testing really accessible. I used their tests recently and found them very easy to use. I highly recommend them, and will definitely suggest them to my patients. The price point is so good that I can test often and really monitor my patients progress - not just guess their improvement.”

Lucia Stansbie

Nutritional Therapist

"The NeoVos Omega 3 test is an excellent diagnostic tool especially for my fertility clients as it provides a breakdown of both DHA versus EPA which is really helpful to ensure optimal levels are achieved when trying to conceive through to pregnancy."

Raquel Monroy

Fertility Nutritionist, The Fertility Nutrition Centre and Founder of The F.E.R.T.I.L.E WAY

"I love that SureScreen Scientifics for Health offer a simple-to-use and affordable finger prick blood test that can easily be done at home. Not only will you discover what your current levels are of key nutrients like Vitamin D and Omega 3 but guidance on where to make the necessary diet, lifestyle or supplement changes to improve your health.”

Dr Jenna Macciochi

Immunologist | Author | Educator, The Science of Staying Well


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