About Us

Who We Are

We are a UK laboratory, part of the SureScreen Group, providing scientific expertise in Health Optimisation, Materials Consultancy and Ecological Analysis.


From the analysis of a blood sample, a complex failure investigation in to a motorcycle crankshaft fracture, or to eDNA analysis of water samples to detect a protected species, we apply the same attention to detail to all that we do. We are the safety net for businesses, nature and people.

Morely Road | Head Office | SureScreen Scientifics for Health

Our Mission

To empower people to live healthier and happier lives

Our Vision

For health testing to be accessible and affordable for everyone to prevent illness before it begins

Our Values

Evidence-Based. Sense of Urgency. Complicated made Simple

NeoVos | Omega 3 Test | SureScreen Scientifics for Health


NeoVos, literally meaning "New You" was created as a ready-made, end-to-end, trusted, independent 3rd-party lab, to save you years and a small fortune in setup costs. Optimising your customers health has never been quicker, cheaper or easier.

Our Journey


 SureScreen Scientifics for Materials, our engineering laboratory and consultancy service was founded by Jim Campbell, OBE.


 SureScreen Diagnostics, our sister company, launched it's bespoke diagnostic solutions.


 SureScreen Scientifics for Ecology was launched providing testing and analysis of ecological samples.


SureScreen Scientifics for Health launched it's dedicated lab services to help businesses and practitioners with testing.


 NeoVos, our direct to customer brand, launched its offerings of affordable and accurate at-home health tests.

Our Labs

Find out what we provide at our UK laboratory...

Head Office | SureScreen Scientifics for Health


Our labs are based in Derbyshire in the East Midlands in a converted 1740's Georgian House with a walled garden, orchard and bee hives.

Laboratory 1 | SureScreen Scientifics for Health


Techniques regularly carried out include extraction, PCR, qPCR, Electrophoresis, sequencing, metabarcoding, immunoassay, HPLC, LC-MS/MS, GC-MS/FID headspace.

Laboratory 2 | SureScreen Scientifics for Health


We validate all tests inhouse and follow approved methods to a gold standard. All methods are covered under our meticulous quality management system ISO9001 accreditation.


Our Team

It's always great to put a face to a name - meet the team...

Troy Whyte | Managing Director | SureScreen Scientifics for Health

Troy Whyte

Managing Director

Yaroslav Terentyev | Head of Gut Research | SureScreen Scientifics for Health

Yaroslav Terentyev

Head of Gut Research

Jordan Muselle-Sexton | Head of Analytical Chemistry | SureScreen Scietifics for Health

Jordan Muselle-Sexton

Head of Analytical Chemistry

Tyler Burton | Laboratory Technician | SureScreen Scientifics for Health

Tyler Burton

Laboratory Technician

Laboratory Technician | Business Development Manager | SureScreen Scientifics for Health

Alice Clarke

Business Development Manager

Amy Diggle | Head of Marketing | SureScreen Scientifics for Health

Amy Diggle

Head of Marketing

Luke Hider | Marketing Executive | SureScreen Scientifics for Health

Luke Hider

Marketing Executive

Zak Justin | Account Manager | SureScreen Scientifics for Health

Zak Justin

Account Manager

Esther Strafford | Account Manager | SureScreen Scientifics for Health

Esther Strafford

Account Manager