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Looking to enhance customer health, showcase product quality, engage customers, or upsell? We have developed at-home tests, created content and built an online portal so you can do just that! All our tests are ready-made under the NeoVos brand, or if you wanted to go one step further, can be private branded.

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How it works

All you need to know about working with us.

Functional Gut Test | SureScreen Scientifics for Health

Branding & Setup

It's your choice - NeoVos is trusted, an independent lab and ready to go. We have a marketing pack all ready for you and you could be offering health tests within days.


You can also opt for full private branding or partnership branding. All you need to do is design your sleeve! We will take you through the details and options in the discovery meeting.

Compositional Gut Test | SureScreen Scientifics for Health

Bulk delivery

Once we have finalised your customer journey and brand options we'll ship your kits to you so that you can go live.

Laboratory Technician | SureScreen Scientifics for Health

Customer Journey

You handle orders and shipping to customers. The customer collects their sample and sends it back using the prepaid packaging. As the lab, we receive, analyse and report the results sending notifications to the customer along the way.

Customer Interaction | SureScreen Scientifics for Health

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We know how much tests can really make a difference in people's lives. Reach out today and let's talk about how we can work together.

Branding & Setup
Bulk delivery
Customer Journey
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"It’s been a pleasure working with SureScreen Scientifics on our Smart Gut Test product. We wanted a process that was as fast as possible and gave a short, simple report that was easy to understand and act upon."

Dr Julia Jones

Founder & CEO (Smart Wellness)

"SureScreen Scientifics for Health are a delight to work with and made it easy to incorporate lab testing into our workflow, providing images and automation through their portal. Our customers love finding out their results to take control of their own gut health"

Wes Brown

Chief Fermentation Guru (Freshly Fermented)

“I firmly believe that comprehensive lab testing is an extremely powerful tool in our quest for improving the health of the population and reducing the risk of developing chronic disease. That’s why we’ve partnered with SureScreen Scientifics for Health to offer their Vitamin D and Advanced Gut Tests.”

Marta Anhelush

Nutritional Therapist/Head of Clinical Nutrition at BioCare


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Clinical Study

Are you interested in finding out more about your product and how it performs for different people? We can help.

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Product Testing

Whether you are researching and developing or in need of quality control, we can help check the raw incoming goods or final product.

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Health Professionals

Partner with us to receive VIP (Very Important Practitioner) access to a range of high-quality health tests that are analysed in our own UK lab.

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